Sonntag, 20. März 2011

Artfire Shop: Armbänder/Bracelets

Diese Woche gibt es zwei neue Armbänder im Shop. Eins ist das Japanese 12-in-2 Blumenarmband.

This week I listed two of my bracelets. One is the Japanese 12-in-2 flower bracelet from the post about my chainmaille classes. I really love that flower pattern.

Das andere ist mein Poseidon in Borneo-Armband, von dem ich neue Fotos gemacht und wieder in den Shop eingestellt habe.

The other one is my Poseidon in Borneo bracelet revisited, as I took new photos and relisted it in my Artfire Shop.

(All photos by Kokopelli Design, 2011.)


  1. I love these!! They are both so pretty.

  2. Hey, that's one of my art beads. The flower pattern on the chain maille pretty and feminine. Those should sell quick!

  3. Thank you, ladies!
    Yes, it is. I made this bracelet for one of your contests and decided to take new photos before I relisted it on Artfire. Much better now.