Samstag, 21. November 2015

A Time To Stitch 8: What's your bag?

Finally after some months of thinking, designing, creating and waiting the big reveal of ATTS 8 is here. Thank you, Christine and Therese for hosting the event for the 8th time now. Love it!!!!
So what's my bag? It clearly is an amulet bag and since my totem animal is the polar bear it has to be bear-themed. Plus I was able to work with my two favorite materials: leather and beads. But there is much more about it. So first I made the two-drop peyote beaded paw square and added it to a handsewn deerskin amulet bag. When I thought about embellishment I found a few special pieces some dear friends, Nicole and Ursel once sent me.
The handmade antler button was once bought and made in Germany, then brought to the US and now sent back to me. How awesome is that? Thanky, Ursel! :)
Next the tin cones: I love the sound they make when the fringe moves! Simply love it. Four of the tin cones (the outer two on each side) were sent to me all the way from the Pacific Northwest by my dear friend Nicole. Thank you so much, Nicole! :)
I would have loved to make a beaded pendant form the black bear claw I had in my stash for years, but I couldn't gather enough infos to make the best of it, so it's in the phot unbeaded.
So this bag will always remember me of two dear friends I have never met in person.
Now make sure you visit all the sweet and talented ladies who took the challenge of ATTS 8 and made their very own special bag, too.

Dagi you're here!

Mittwoch, 18. November 2015

Star CAL: Half Time Post Week 2

It's half time of week 2 and I got some photos of yummy stars this week.

Donna sent me a picture of a multi-colored star as a birthday gift for her grandson. She plans on making one more with eyes on it turnig it into a starfish. Cute idea!

Lin made a star with leftover yarn of her Sophie Blanket. Did you see all the Sophie Blankets popping up all over the internet? Lovely!

Saskia shared her hexagons with me. Isn't this color combination great? Love it!

And the last "star" is by me. Not really finished, but up to two tips so far (and yes, it looks like a harlequin or easter bunny *LOL*). I used size 10 cotton thread and Polly Plum's Blizzard Warning Hexagon.

OK, so for next week I hope to see more beautiful stars filling my page and blog. :) See you on Friday for week 3 post.

Dienstag, 17. November 2015

Herbstlaub/Fall Leaves

Während des laufenden Star CALs bekomme ich viele Bilder von den Teilnehmern zugesandt und im Hintergrund eines Bildes ist mir ein ,,Deckchen" aufgefallen. Donna von ,,Walker's Whimsies" war so nett, mir zu sagen, woher sie das Muster für die ,,Chestnut Leaf Placemat" hatte. Wenn man mehrere häkelt, hat man eine tolle Tischdeko oder man kann sie sogar zu einem Tischläufer zusammenfügen. Eins habe ich schon mal fertig.

During the Star CAL I'm hosting, the participants send me a lot of pics and in the background of one of them I spotted a "doily" I liked. Donna of ,,Walker's Whimsies" was so kind to tell me where she found the pattern for the ,,Chestnut Leaf Placemat". If you make more than one you have a nice table decoration or you can sew them together for a table runner. One is already finished.


Freitag, 13. November 2015

Star CAL: Week 2

During the last week I had lots of traffic on my blog and my FB page due to the CAL. I crossed the 1,000 likes mark (YAYAYAY!) and people shared the first stars and hexagons they made.

But one idea suggested by Zanacrafts stayed in my mind (check out her Etsy Shop). She thought about making a Scandinavian style garland for Christmas by using the stars from CAL pattern. What  cute idea I thought!

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon another pattern by designer Daniela Herbertz. It is called "Springtime in my Heart", but how about combining stars and hearts for a Christmas garland?

So keep those stars and your ideas coming, share them on my blog or FB page. Would love to see! :)

Mittwoch, 11. November 2015

Star CAL: Half Time Post

Today for my Half Time Post for the Star CAL I can share two stars with you.

The first one is made by Gaby in beautiful blue and white. The hexagon in the middle is the one Polly Plum designed for the Star CAL.

The second star is made by me with the Moroccan Hexagon Motif in the middle. Although it looks black and white it is actually a very dark blue and white.

OK, so for next week I hope to see more beautiful stars filling my page and blog. :) See you on Friday.

Freitag, 6. November 2015

Star CAL: Week 1

YAY! Finally it's time to CAL!

Week 1 of the Star CAL is here and I'm excited to see so many people sharing the CAL, liking my little Facebook page and commenting. Hope you all will have great fun with this CAL.

The pattern is called "Hexagons ae my Stars" by Daniela Herbertz. Daniela sadly doesn't have the time to participate in the CAl, but will follow and share on her blog.

The pattern does not contain any hexagon patterns, so make sure to have your favorite hexagon pattern on hand or pick one from the list I published here. To have a little head start as your host and to be able to help with any problems I already made three pairs of hexagons.

Springtime Hexagons (in the "winter" version ;))

And now.......*drumroll*..... Polly Plum of Every Trick on the Hook and I have a very special treat for you! A snowflake hexagon especially made for you and shared as a free pattern for you to use. The hexagon is called "Blizzard Warning". How cool is that!!!! And the best is: there is also a pattern to make this hexagon into an 9" afghan square, so you cannot only make ornaments from this, but also a whole blanket. Isn't that even cooler?

crochet hexagon snowflake

Isn't this hexagon lovely? Thank you so much, Polly, for sharing! :) And now, ladies and gentlemen, get your hooks and yarn ready aaaaaaaaannnnnnddddd CAL!

Donnerstag, 5. November 2015

Cottage Ripple Blanket

Es ist kein Geheimnis, dass ich die Muster von Attic 24 liebe. Deshalb bekommt jemand die Cottage Ripple Decke zu Weihnachten. :)

Und nicht vergessen: Morgen geht der Star CAL los! :)))))))

It's not a secret that I love Attic 24's pattern and that's why someone will get a Cottage Ripple Blanket for Christmas.

And don't forget: Tomorrow is the start of the Star CAL!