Freitag, 22. März 2019

Paint Party Friday: Huginn and Muninn

In my area you can see a lot of ravens and crows and the population grew over the last decade, so they really became a plague in some spots. But nevertheless I love those clever birds with their shiny black feathers(as long they leave the smaller birds and their nests alone). So it was time for me to extend my collection of animal drawings and draw a raven, a Common Raven (Corvus corax) to be precise. I used my Faber CAstell PITT ink pens and a black colored pencil, as I had no carbon pencil or drawing charcoal on hand. So here's the original drawing.

I usually copy and scan my original to make sure I have a copy, if the original gets lost. I took a print and added a passage from the Grímnismál, a song in the Poetic Edda, where Odin speaks of his ravens Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory).

I'm als a big fan of the art of Sue Coleman and am fascinated by her combination of real life animals with the art and the totems of Northwestern Native American tribes. I always wanted to try something similar, so I took my raven and added a mirror image of it with some old Norse designs and scrolls. Still a lot of work, until I'm really pleased with my work, but it is a beginning. I think I'd love to make something like that with a wolf I drew in 2017.

I hope you enjoyed my drawing and I'm sharing this with PPF. Have a look at all the wonderful pieces of art shown by the other participants.

Dienstag, 19. März 2019

Ein Sturm zieht auf..../A storm is coming....

Nein, nicht wirklich. Es sieht so aus, als ob die Frühlingsstürme hier erst mal vorbei sind und der Frühling mit wärmeren Temperaturen kommt. Bei meinem Storm Clouds Top wird es allerdings nun sehr dunkel und stürmisch, was die Farbe angeht. Der Twirl hat mich echt begeistert, von den Farben und der Verarbeitung her. Nun hoffe ich nur noch, dass er sich auch gut waschen lässt.

No, not really. The weather is nice around here and the spring storms are over for now with temps rising daily. But my Storm Clouds Top is going darker and darker by the round. I'm really happy with this Twirl, its colors and the way it works up. Now I only hope that the top washes nicely and doesn't stretch too much or looses color.

Freitag, 15. März 2019

Paint Party Friday: Mandalas

Over the last months, since I'm sharing my artwork again with Paint Paint Friday, I 've seen so many beautiful mandalas of the other participants. I love mandalas, but really, really dislike their construction. For some it's part of the fun, but not for me. ;)

And then I cam across this very useful tool, where you can create your own mandala adult coloring pages. I created the outlins of the mandala above and then added my own zentangle patterns. Not much time this week, so I didn't fill all the empty spaces. Might not be suitable or work for everyone, but for me it does and I can have art fun without thinking too much about how to construct a mandala. 

Sharing with PPF

Mittwoch, 13. März 2019

Layla Tunika: Taaaaadaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Meine Layla-Tunika muss unbedingt noch einen eigenen Beitrag bekommen, da sie einfach zu schön ist, um sie nur kurz in einem anderen Beitrag anzusprechen. Gehäkelt habe ich sie nach einem Muster von Christiane Brakhage mit einer 3,5 mm Nadel und einem dreifädigen Farbverlaufsgarn von Zaubermausis Wollstübchen.

My Layla tunic has to get its own Tadaaaaahhh post, because it is way too beautiful to just mention her in another blog post. I crocheted her after a pattern by Christiane Brakhage with a 3.5 mm hook and a color gradient yarn cake by Zaubermausis Wollstübchen.

Das Garn hieß Van Gogh und die Farben sind eindeutig von seinem Gemälde ,,Sternennacht" inspiriert.

The yarn cake was named Van Gogh and was inspired by his painting "Starry Night".

Ich habe damals zwei Bobbel des Garns mit jeweils 1.500 Meter gekauft, jedoch nur knapp einen verbraucht. Der zweite kann also noch was anderes Tolles werden. :)

Back then I bought tow yarn cakes with 1'500 metres each, but only used one for the tunic. The other one will become something beautiful, too. :)

Montag, 11. März 2019

Storm Clouds Top WIP

Da ich vergangene Woche ja meine Layla-Tunika fertig gemacht habe, konnte ich dieses Wochenende mit einem neuen Top anfangen. Ich mag die Scheepjes Whirls ja echt gerne, aber sie sind doch recht teuer und ich brauche für meine Größe meistens mindestens zwei und sie sind so gut wie nie im Angebot. Also habe ich mich nach einer Garnalternative umgeschaut und bin auf die Cotton Kings Twirls/Twirls Deluxe gestoßen. Unschlagbar günstig, wenn sie im Angebot sind.

Since I finished my Layla Tunic last week, I was able to start a new top over the weekend. I really like the Scheepjes Whirls, but for a top in my size I need at least two. So I look for a yarn alternative and came across the Cotton Kings Twirls/Twirls Deluxe. Very reasonable pricing, when on sale.

Die Farbe heißt Star of India Sapphire und ich verarbeite sie derzeit zum Spotting Clouds Top nach Christina Hadderingh. Aufgrund der Farben habe ich meins allerdings in ,,Storm Clouds Top" umbenannt. ;) Das Maschenbild ist auf jeden Fall schon mal klasse.

The color is called Star of India Sapphire and I'm working it into the Spotting Clouds Top by Christina Hadderingh. I renamed my top ,,Storm Clouds Top" due to the colors. ;) The stitch definition in this yarn is so nice.

Und nach dem Wochenende bin ich soweit, dass ich die Ärmel abteilen kann. Ich werde einige Luftmaschen mehr als im Muster machen und auch bei der Passe habe ich einiges verändert. Das könnt ihr wie immer auf meiner Projektseite nachlesen.

And after the weekend I'm about to close the top under the arms. Ich anged some things and you can read all about it on my Ravelry project page.

Donnerstag, 7. März 2019

Paint Party Friday: Spring Gift Tags and a finished yarn painting

Hello and welcome!
This week I felt the urgent need for spring and since we had a huge spring storm coming through, there wasn't much spring outside. So I decided to draw myself a bit of spring with these cute gift tags. Lots of small critters and typical spring flowers I can find in my area and also in my small garden. 

I used a black ink pen for the outlines and some details and then simple colored pencils to add some color to them (I always carry a metal box full of pencils in my backpack ;) ). They will come in handy for Easter gift giving or for upcoming birthdays.

Last Friday I shared with you my Van Gogh Tunic, crocheted with yarn inspired by the Van Gogh painting "Starry Night". Meanwhile the beauty is finished and I'm so in love with it. I'll wear it at my parents' birthday party in May. For further information on the yarn, hook size etc. you can visit my Ravelry project page.

Linking to Paint Party Friday! Celebrating its 8th birthday today. Congratulations!

Dienstag, 5. März 2019

Frühlingsanhänger 2/Spring Tags 2

Nachdem ich gestern in einer meiner FB-Gartengruppen mehr Ideen bekommen habe, ist hier der zweite Durchgang.

I drew more tags, after I got some great ideas in one of my FB garden groups.