Mittwoch, 20. August 2014

Kleine Flaschenüberzüge/Little Bottle Covers

Sind kleine Projekte, die einfach so gelingen, wie man sie sich vorgestellt hat, nicht toll?
Aren't those small projects, comning out exactly as you imagined, great?
Ich habe diese kleinen Glasfläschchen nun schon seit einiger Zeit in meinem Fundus und wollte immer etwas damit machen. Nun, während meines Urlaubs, habe ich bunte Flaschenüberzüge gehäkelt. Einer in Meeresfarben, mit einer kleinen Muschel dran, perfekt für Sommerdekorationen.
I had those little bottles in my stash and always wanted to do something with them. Now with two weeks off, I made colorful crocheted covers for them. One is in a oceanic colorway, with a small white shell, perfect for summer decorations.

Und der andere Überzug passt perfekt zu meinem Hexagon-Tischläufer, den ich schon hier vorgestellt habe.  Und meine Kapuzinerkresse sieht auch gut drin aus.
And the other one is a perfect match for my hexagon table runner I posted some days ago on my blog. And my nasturtiums look great in it, too.

Montag, 18. August 2014

Hexagon Table Runner

Mein Hexagon-Tischläufer ist fertig. Ich brauchte ein kleines Zwischenprojekt zwischen zwei großen, denn sonst werden die schnell langweilig. 
 My hexagon table runner is finished. I needed a quick in between project, as the big ones soon get boring.
Hier seht ihr den Tischläufer ,,in Action". Die Tischdecke hat meine Mutter als junges Mädchen gestickt. Veilchen und Mimosen.
Here'sthe table runner "in action". The tablecloth was embroidered by my Mom when she was a young girl: violets and mimosas.

Donnerstag, 14. August 2014

Paint Party Friday: Colored Zentangles

Vor einem Monat habe ich zwei Zentangles gepostet und Nancy, die mich dazu ,,angestiftet" hat, meinte, die wären super zum Ausdrucken und Colorieren geeignet oder würden toll auf Grußkarten aussehen. Und los ging's:
A month ago I posted two zentangles and Nancy, the lady who inspired me, wrote that my zentangles would look great with a splash of color or on greeting cards. So here we go:

Mit ein bisschen Farbe und Eddingstiften: Der kleine, rote Akzent rechts unten war schon vorher da. Den haben alle meine Zentangles.
A little bit of color with waterproof pens: The little red accent in the bottom right corner was there before. All my zentangles have that.

Und komplett coloriert.
And completely colored.
Die Rückseite sieht auch interessant aus.
The backside looks interesting.
Was meint ihr? Müssen Zentangles immer schwarz-weiß sein oder darf auch mal Farbe ins Spiel gebracht werden?
So what do you think? Do zentangles have to be black and white or is a splash of color allowed?
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Mittwoch, 13. August 2014

WIP Wednesday: Tischläufer/Table Runner

In meiner FB-Häkelgruppe ist jeden Mittwoch WIP Wednesday und so zeige auch ich, was ich gerade auf der Häkelnadel (oder auf einer davon ;)) habe.
In my favorite crochet group on FB is every Wednesday WIP Wednesday and so I'll show you, too, what's on my hook (or on one of them).
Das wird ein Tischläufer aus vier Farben Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK. Wenn alle Sechsecke fertig sind, werde ich sie mit weiß zusammenhäkeln und eine Bordüre drumrum häkeln. So weit der Plan.
This will be a table runner from hexagons. I use four colors of Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK. Once all hexagons are made, I'll join them with white and add a border. That's the plan.

Dienstag, 12. August 2014

Messerscheide/Knife Sheath

Die Messerscheide, an der ich letzte Woche gearbeitet habe, ist fertig. Sie ist für das erste selbstgeschmiedete Messer meines Holden. Er wollte etwas einfaches ohne viel Schnickschnack und hier ist das Ergebnis. Das einzige ,,dekorative" Element ist eine Widmung auf der Rückseite, die an den Messermacherkurs erinnert, in dem wir die Messer gemacht haben.
The knife sheath I was working on last week is finished. The sheath is for a BF's first handforged knife. He wanted it simple without any embellishments and that is what I came up with. The only "decorative" element is a writing on the backside as a memory of the knifemaking class where we made the knives.
Hier seht ihr die Scheide vor dem Bohren der Löcher für die Naht. Ist das Messer nicht schön?
The sheath as a work in progress before drilling the holes for sewing. Isn't the knife beautiful?

Und hier die fertige Scheide. Ich denke, das ist die am besten passende Messerscheide, die ich je gemacht habe. Die kleine Lasche am Griff ist eigentlich nicht notwendig, da das Messer fest sitzt, ohne die Gefahr, dass es steckenbleibt. Perfekt!
And here is the sheath all finished. I think that is the best fitting sheath I ever made. The little strap around the handle really isn't necessary, as the knife sits securely inside the sheath without the danger of being stuck. Perfect!

Sonntag, 10. August 2014

Worldwide Artist Blog Hop and four questions about Kokopelli Design

My wonderful blogging friend Nicole Campanella of Beadwright invited me to join the Worldwide Artist Blog Hop and answer 4 questions about my art. Thank you so much, Nicole, for inviting me. So here we go!

Bead embroidered pendant winning People's Choice Award in the Margie & Me Challenge 2010

Why do I do what I do?

Because I have to. Being creative is not a hobby, but a way of life, at least for me. It is necessary for me to exist. Maybe a quote hanging on my studio wall explains it best:

“Why did she make things? Well, she enjoyed it, of course; but it also somehow helped her remember who she was and where she came from." -Anonymous.

Yes, I guess that hits the nail on the head.

Arrow quiver

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

That’s a tricky question, as I’m sure that my work does not fit into a single genre. I dabble in so many art forms and work with so many media, that the difference is always.........yes, different. Maybe there is one element, that returns in many of my pieces. I often ask myself:  “Did my ancestors already do this and if yes, how did they do it? What tools did they use? How did they get the materials without craft stores and discounters?” For example spinning wool. I buy the wool and maybe have to card it before spinning. That’s all. But I do not have to breed sheep, shear them, wash the wool etc. Or chainmaille. I buy wire, coil it and cut it into rings. And sometimes I even buy pre-cut rings. But where did my ancestors get their wire? And how did they make chainmaille armors before wire could be made? Interesting to think about it, right? And sometimes, many times, I try my hand on old crafts with the tools my ancestors used way back. How skilled they must have been!

Chainmaille bezel for a glass cabochon made from sterling silver rings and embellished with Swarovski crystals

How does my creative process work?

When I find out I’ll tell you. *LOL* No, just kidding. Sometimes it can be described as jumping in followed by trial and error in the making process. No planning ahead, no sketches, working with what I have on hand. And sometimes it starts with an idea, a photo or an inspiration I saw somewhere followed by a sketch in what I call my scrapbook, collecting possible colorways, gathering materials and tools and thinking about the best way to make a certain project.

Crochet afghan with square and strip motifs

What am I working on now?
Oh, I hope I can post more than one item. ;) So there are several crochet items, like a blanket, a shawl, a set of coasters etc. Then there are two knife sheaths for knives BF and me made during a knifemaking class we took last weekend. We even forged the blades ourselves, so these sheaths got to be special. And the latest addition to my list is making/sewing my own garments. I started and finished one shirt and working on another. I work on and off on all of these items, so that explains the long answer.

Knife sheath for handforged knife

So these were my answers. I invited the following artists to join the Worldwide Blog Hop. Both are SA based and are avid and talented crocheters:

Zelna Olivier
Anneke Wiese

Zelna and Anneke will post their answers on August 18th.

Denim Rag Quilt made from recycled jeans


Freitag, 8. August 2014

Paint Party Friday: Floral Snowflake?

In my little library I found this beautiful book about winter (yes, although it is still summer here) named "When the World Becomes Quiet". The cover is decorated with lots of what I think must be snowflakes, but many of them have floral designs in them, so maybe they are more like mandalals. Whatever they are I was inspired by them. And here's my version, done with an ink pen and colored pencils.
I enjoy the use of squared paper lately, as it makes drawing easier and the piece more geometric/even/symmetric. That way I can judge better if a piece looks good or bad or if it just looks bad, because I messed up.
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