Dienstag, 24. November 2020

T stands for.....Tea and LEGO!

That's my "tea bucket". *LOL* As some of my readers might already know, I love and drink both, tea and coffee. This teapot was given to me by a coworker, as I sit far away from the kitchen and hate to walk back and forth for every cup of tea. So I got this and it holds 0,75 litres of tea, about 2 to 3 normal cups. And yes, I clean it every now and then. ;)

So what am I up to this week (and almost all the weeks since this pandemic thing started)? I'm playing with LEGO (and love to have a cup of tea, while I build). You may find that childish? Yes, it is and I love it! *LOL* To be honest, it's relaxing for me to build things with the 3-in-1 sets I have and that's all that counts for me. Plus it's a lot of fun. Especially if DH has the same crazy ideas in his head like me. :D
That's a shark from the deep sea creatures set. We found the "pilot" in one of the older sets, we still own from our childhood days.

We also have an underwater explorer set with roboters like this one. Also love the little ray, that came with it. You can usually build three models from one set, but there are websites like Rebrickable, where people share their "alternative builds" or "MOCs" (my own creation).

So you can have almost endless fun with one of these sets and also create your own models. That's a squid, one of the b-models from the deep sea creatures set.

And that's a frogfish, which can be built from the same set, too. His companion looks a bit sad. ;) From this set alone, people created over 100 alternative builds, so that's a lot of fun in a few stones, if you or your kiddos like playing with LEGO.

We laughed so hard about that little guy, because its eyes are placed on flexible mounts......

And last but not least, there is the most impressive model from the Fierce Creatures set, I got from DH for my birthday. The spider is HUGE, like 25 cm from leg to leg. Don't want to meet one in nature. *LOL*

So I hope you enjoyed my little LEGO excursion and had a cup of delicious tea while reading through it and all the other lovely posts for "T stands for....". What are you up to this week and what do you do to relax?

Freitag, 20. November 2020

Paint Party Friday: Nature Art Journal started!

Hello and welcome to Paint Party Friday

Something I wanted to do for a long time is to start a nature art journal. What stopped me, you ask? Well.......maybe the fear to mess up some of the pages, as my drawing skills aren't perfect? Or not finding the "right" book with thicker, good quality paper, that might take the abuse of working with watercolor pencils? Maybe stopping somewhere in the middle, lacking ideas of what to draw?

In the end it doesn't matter, what kept me from it, as I finally ordered a journal and started with page one. The A5 journal has 144 pages of 180g/m² paper and is supposed to be a "mixed media journal", as the description said. So here's my first page, about the garden birds and how I feed fatballs to them.

I usually put out bird food at the end of October and the fatballs are mostly eaten by the blue and coal tits, but also robins and a whole gang of sparrows love the fatballs. Some of them needed to learn to sit on the feeder first. *LOL* I don't have to put out a lof of food yet, as the temps are still unusually warm for this time of the year and the birds still find some insects and seeds. When it gets colder, they will rely on the feeders more and more.

Linking with Paint Party Friday!

Donnerstag, 19. November 2020

Thursday Art Date: Antique

Antique! What a fun theme with so many options and directions to go for Rain's Thursday Art Date. I was inspired by the secretary's desk of Rain grandfather and the lovely catalogue page of chairs for sale. So I went online and did a search for antique chairs. This one immediately caught my eye. Isn't this piece of furniture cool? A table and if you open it, it's a chair with a table. On the sales page I found it, it's described as a "Metamorphic Combination Table, Desk and Chair"  from the 19th century.

I love furniture, that is versatile, has little secrets and that little something, that makes it special (althought that table is way out of my price range *LOL*). In my next life I might become a carpenter and simply built these things myself.

For now this quick sketch in my sketchbook has to be enough.

Another piece, I made back in my beading days, came to my mind reading the word antique. The challenge was to made a piece inspired by antique mosaics. When I think of mosaics, I often have the beautiful mosaics in mind, that embellish Islamic architecture like for example the Madrasa Ben Youssef  or the Saadian Tombs in Marrakech (photo credits: Coconut Sports and Wikipedia). Some of them date back to the 14th century.

I made this bead embroidered cuff back in 2010 with glass beads, glass cabochons, a Czech glass button and a semiprecious gemstone.

Dienstag, 17. November 2020

T stands for.......coffee & chocolate!

As these are the only things, that can save this day. Cancer checkup (all good, just precaution, but still stressful for me, as it always causes high blood pressure), several colleagues infected with covid and some more in quarantine and still some people running around without masks. So let's have a look at some happier things. Look at this delicious chocolate bar I got from a co-worker to eat with my coffee.

 And then there is an update on my winter gardening. The mild weather is really great for the plants. On the left are onions (the small, white ones for salads) and on the right celery.
The there is chard, that grows like weed right now. Love to eat it woth potaoes and onions.

And look at the little lettuce plants. They grow very nice under their clear plastic bucket, I used as a hotbed.

 And here are my Asian lettuce plants and some radishes. Now you can already see the differences. in leaf shape and color. Especially one of the Red Giants lives up to its name.

And here's the green kale and in the front some plants of an Italian kale called Cime di Rapa. I love it cooked in a recipe called Pane Cotto (cooked bread).

And here's again the lettuce and next to it some spinach, some smaller chard pants in the back and parsley in the triangular pot.


Freitag, 13. November 2020

Paint Party Friday: Just a little bird

Not much to see here for Paint Party Friday this week, as I'm just "back" from my vacation (we stayed at home) and trying to get back in to a drawing routine. So here's a quick sketch of a little blue tit. They are very common garden birds here and visit my feeders often.

In 2014 I already drew this blue tit for Paint Party Friday. It was actually a stencil, that I just colored in with pastel pencils. Love the colors in these little birds

Happy PPF and stay safe!

Donnerstag, 12. November 2020

Thursday Art Date with Rain: Points and Dots

I missed out some weeks on Thursday's Art Date with Rain, as I had two weeks off, lacking inspiration and the "spooky" things weren't really my thing. But "Points and Dots" gave me some ideas and techniques I wanted to try for long, but only had the time for one.

It's a nuthatch, I drew earlier this year. I printed out the sketch (I usually scan or photograph all my sketches) and added dots and lines with my brush pens. Fun, but shading is tricky and it takes a lot of time to make the "dotting" look nice. ;)

I watched online videos like this one on how to do one of those beautiful mandala rocks with dots, but didn't have the time to try this week.

Dienstag, 10. November 2020

T stands for.......Christmas Knitting!

 Hello! I'm back for "T stands for ..." after my two-week vacation! I stayed at home, but didn't really feel the need to post anything. Just running some errands and sitting on the sofa with a cup of coffee or tea and do some knitting. Christmas knitting that is! I ordered some gorgeous yarn with 20% wool and 80% acrylic and it's so soft. There was a loop scarf pattern coming with each skein and I really liked it.

Since the yarn is thick and knitted with big needles, the loops work up quick. Here's no 1 finished. Just need to sew the ends together. The colorway is called "India".

No 2 is in a rainbow colorway.

And then there is progress on my Stripes Gone Crazy cardigan. Gladly the sleeves and body are separated now and the rows are shorter again.

And since there is always a cup of coffee or tea on my side table while knitting, here you go! Can you smell it? Delicious crema, right? Yum!