Freitag, 9. Juli 2021

Paint Party Friday: Hedgehogs for a Birthday Card

Hello and welcome for Paint Party Friday!

This week was my husband's birthday and although we don't give each other any gifts, I usually paint him a card for birthdays or anniversaries.

He loves hedgehogs and so I sketched a lot of hedgehogs to have some to choose from. They all turned out cute, but I had to decide (not that that I wouldn't use the other cuties for future paintings *LOL*).

I really like the new watercolor paper and althought the format is a bit weird, it's perfect for cutting A 6 cards from it. Hedgie no 1 was this one. Painted with White Nights watercolors.

Hedgehog no 2 was a bit off center, so I decided to add a bumblebee to balance it out..

Glued both of the hedgies on cards. DH got the top oneand the other one went into my card stash. Always good to have some handpainted cards, so I don't have to paint some under pressure. Really in love with these two hedgehogs.

Have a great weekend and make sure to visit all the wonderful artists for Paint Party Friday.

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