Freitag, 20. November 2020

Paint Party Friday: Nature Art Journal started!

Hello and welcome to Paint Party Friday

Something I wanted to do for a long time is to start a nature art journal. What stopped me, you ask? Well.......maybe the fear to mess up some of the pages, as my drawing skills aren't perfect? Or not finding the "right" book with thicker, good quality paper, that might take the abuse of working with watercolor pencils? Maybe stopping somewhere in the middle, lacking ideas of what to draw?

In the end it doesn't matter, what kept me from it, as I finally ordered a journal and started with page one. The A5 journal has 144 pages of 180g/m² paper and is supposed to be a "mixed media journal", as the description said. So here's my first page, about the garden birds and how I feed fatballs to them.

I usually put out bird food at the end of October and the fatballs are mostly eaten by the blue and coal tits, but also robins and a whole gang of sparrows love the fatballs. Some of them needed to learn to sit on the feeder first. *LOL* I don't have to put out a lof of food yet, as the temps are still unusually warm for this time of the year and the birds still find some insects and seeds. When it gets colder, they will rely on the feeders more and more.

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  1. Lovely page, have fun with the journal! Happy PPF, Valerie

  2. Schön so ein Buch zu haben und die Seiten mit schönen Sachen zu malen und beschreiben.
    Deine Kohlmeisen und andere Vögel freuen sich wenn es dann kalt wird um so mehr!
    Schönes Wochenende wünsche ich dir!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  3. Wonderful art-I look forward to seeing more in your journal. We don't have that bird here.

  4. I'm always inspired to try another Sketch journal. Your work is wonderful.

  5. Love the idea of a nature journal, and your first page with that sweet bird is a wonderful beginning! Happy PPF!

  6. Birds is something I would like to try. Happy Painting.
    Stay Safe and coffee is on

  7. This type of journal is perfect for you. Iam glad you have started it. You know I love your art.