Freitag, 15. Mai 2015

Wade's Blanket CAL: Part 5

Hello and welcome to Part 5 of the Wade's Blanket CAL, hosted by Zooty Owl and Kokopelli Design!    

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Today's pattern is:




HOOK SIZE:   5.00mm

Make your strip as long as your square strips are, as you will join two of the square strips with the v-stitch stripe. You can make the stripe as wide as you like. Your v-stitch stripe will be your center stripe. Change your colors as you like.

Row 1: Chain an even number of chains.

For this swatch piece I made 16ch, which make for 7 v's in the end. My v-stripe for the blanket is 27 v's and changes color every other row, so my blanket will fit a single bed in the end.

Tip: I recommend doing the starting chain and leave a long tail. Then start your pattern rows from the same end than your chain row. In case you miscounted the chains, you can always add or take away stitches.

Row 2: 2dc in the 4th ch from hook (if you just turn your work) or in the first ch (if you start from the same end than you started your chain, as I recommended above). Skip 1ch. 2dc in the next ch. Continue to the end of the chain. Add or take away ch stitches if needed. Turn work.

Row 3: 3ch, dc in between the "V" cluster of the last row. 2dc into the next "V" from the row before. Continue to the end of the row. Can you see how the v's open up in the bottom row?

Congratulations! You've managed the V-Stitch.
Have fun making your v-stitch strip and see you again in two weeks with Part 6 of Wade's Blanket. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact Zelna or me via our blogs or post your question in the comments. You can also find us on Facebook: Zooty Owl and Kokopelli Design.

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