Freitag, 22. Mai 2015

Friday Fun: Halftime of Part 5 of the Wade's Blanket CAL!

It's Friday, it's halftime for Part 5 and it's time to show some WIP photos of our participants. Again I received many lovely pics and I'm drooling again over the color combos people chose.
Laura, the girl who made baby blankets from almost every pattern we shared so far. How cool is that? And she's fast!
Lisbeth's blanket will be a rainbow of colors which makes me happy looking at it.
Patti chose to go with green/camo and pink which looks great!
And here's the WIP pic of my lovely friend Zelna, who is hosting this CAL with me. Great colors, too!
And this awesome color combo is by Elza. Almost looks like Southwestern colors to me.
And as always in the last photo you can see my own v-stitch stripe in the peacock color scheme I chose for my blanket.
Well done, ladies! Have fun making your v-stitch stripe and see you again in next Friday with Part 6 of Wade's Blanket. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact Zelna or me via our blogs or post your question in the comments. You can also find us on Facebook: Zooty Owl and Kokopelli Design. And don't forget to share your photos!


  1. Ooh they are all so lovely!!!! I cannot wait to do the next lot of stripes!

    1. Yes, all those blankets will look great when finished. :)