Dienstag, 24. April 2012

Do Over Challenge Blog Hop

Endlich ist der Tag da: Do Over Challenge Blog Hop! Einige großartige Künstler und kreative Köpfe haben sich um Jeannie versammelt, um alten Schmuckstücken neues Leben einzuhauchen (die Linkliste gibt’s am Ende dieses Posts).
Finally the reveal date of the 3rd Do Over Challenge is here! Come on and visit some great creative artists who all followed the call of Jeannie and gave new life to an old piece of jewelry (see link list below).

Als ich das Schmuckstück gesehen habe, das Jeannie mir für die Challenge geschickt hat, kam mir sofort das Wort ,,opulent” in den Sinn. Mit diesen tollen Glasperlen wollte ich unbedingt ein Schmuckstück herstellen, das was hermacht und hier ist nun meine „Überarbeitung“:

When I saw my piece of jewelry Jeannie sent me for the challenge, the word “opulence” came to my mind, influenced by the huge glass pearls the necklace was made of. I wanted to make a bold and shiny piece of jewelry and this is what I did:

Jeannie/Hostess http://site.jkdjewelry.com/blog
Cilla Watkins http://www.tellyourgirlfriends.com
Michelle Mach http://michellemach.com/blog
Alesha Conklin http://obtainingmercy.typepad.com
Molly Alexander http://beautifullybrokenme.blogspot.com
Cindy Wimmer http://www.sweetbeadstudio.com
Mary Govaars http://www.mlhjewelrydesigns.com
Marlene Cupo http://amazingdesigns-marlene.blogspot.com
Dagi http://kokopellidesign.blogspot.com/
Charlene Jacka http://clay-space.com/
Julia Johnson http://beautifullywhimsical.blogspot.com
Carolyn Lawson http://carolynscreationswa.blogspot.com
Pamela Orians http://somedaybeads.blogspot.com
Linda Younkman http://lindydesigns.blogspot.com/
Shelly Joyce http://www.aujourlejour-shelly.blogspot.com/
Judy Riggs http://www.rigglettes.blogspot.com/
Cary Scholes http://mamaneeds2create.blogspot.com
Shaun Mullin http://bogshaun.blogspot.com/

Und die nächste Do Over Challenge ist auch schon geplant!
And the next Do Over Challenge is right around the corner!


  1. Bold, Beautiful, Opulent, are all words that come to mind. Dagi that beadwork is amazing. I love how the seed beads just nestle right in between. It adds so much interest and texture.
    Thank you so much for participating in my little do over challenge

  2. Love the bracelet that you made. Very elegant.

  3. Mmmm...that is just gorgeous! I am always in awe of bead weaving...it looks so delicate and intricate. I love that your design extends just beyond that last pearl to make attaching your link so seamless. It doesn't look "chunky" when you add the clasp...just glides right together, if that make sense. Such a classy, bold piece!

    Alesha Kay

  4. Wow what a great do over. The piece is elegant to begin with but you made it into something magnificent!

  5. I love the simplicity and elegance of your bracelet. Absolutely stunning.

  6. Regal is the perfect word for what you have done in this challenge. Fantastic!

  7. Wow, I LOVE the bracelet that you made! It really is opulent, I think you achieved your goal! It's so beautiful.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! A stunning, elegant piece.

  9. You did a good job with the beads!

  10. Wow, what a gorgeous bracelet you made! I thought the original could not have been improved upon-- and then I saw your finished product!

    Absolutely stunning work. Love it <3

    Thanks for posting such an inspiring spot on the hop around this challenge!

    *~* Julia *~* http://beautifullywhimsical.blogspot.com *~*

  11. Oh my goodness - I am in love with that bracelet, and I would love to learn how you constructed it! Fantastic job! :)

  12. Das Armband ist sehr schön!! Edel!

  13. I love the bracelet you made. It is just perfect and so beautiful!