Samstag, 25. Februar 2012

Echo Creative Club: February 2012

Endlich ist es soweit! Der Echo Creative Club Blog Hop für Februar geht los.
Finally it's here! The Echo Creative Club for February is taking place.

Nachdem ich die bei Jeannie bestellte Gin Blossom bekommen hatte, habe ich erstmal eine Zeichnung gemacht.

After I got the blue Gin Blossom I asked for from Jeannie, I first made a drawing.

Als mir die zündende Idee für dieses Kettendesign kam, habe ich gerade meinen diesjährigen Chainmaille-Kurs gegeben. Ich habe einem Kursteilnehmer Japanese 12-in-2 an einem meiner Armbänder erklärt und zack! Das Blumenmuster passt einfach perfekt zu Jeannies Gin Blossom.

When the idea for necklace design hit me I was teaching my annual chainmaille classes. I was talking to a student about Japanese 12-in-2 and boom! The flower pattern is the perfect match for Jeannie's Gin Blossom.

Und hier ist die gesamte Kette: vier Blümchen auf jeder Seite und damit es hinten angehmer zu tragen ist, ein Stück Double Chain. Natürlich habe ich alle Ringe selbst gewickelt und geschnitten, wie bei (fast) allen meiner Chainmaille-Stücke.

And here's the whole necklace: four flowers on each side and for more comfort two lengths of Double Chain at the ends. Of course I coiled and cut all the jumprings for this piece by hand, like I do for (almost) all my chainmaille pieces.

Und nun laßt uns bloghüpfen zu den anderen Mitgliedern des Echo Creative Club Design Teams:

And now let's blog hop to the other Echo Creative Club Design Team members:

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  1. Ok,first I love your drawing of the gin blossom and I'm so happy you added one to our drawing lab group. The silver is a good choice with the blue/white Gin Blossom and the chainmaille the perfect extension off the Gin Blossom. It's like brush strokes on a canvas in perfect harmony. Thanks for creating such beauty.

  2. love the blossom and how you've displayed it, love the necklace

  3. Oh Dagi this totally ROCKS! I love how you mimicked the flower with chain maille.

  4. Dagi,
    Your necklace is very pretty and the 12 in 2 chainmaille flowers echoes the pendant so well.

  5. I get it now. Loved the pictures of the "chain" yesterday! Beautiful piece. Her gin blossoms are divine!

  6. You know what I love seeing? How all your unique styles and gifts elevate these beads to new heights! This is marvelous. I love that you sketch (I do but not nearly as lovely as you do!) and that you found a way to take this class you were teaching and incorporate it. An AHA moment! Lovely. Enjoy the day!

  7. The chainmaille design really does echo Jeannie's pendant so nicely. Your drawing is beautiful and the fact that coiled/cut all the jump rings for this piece - amazing! I love the look of this necklace - it would go nicely with several things in my closet! ;-)

  8. Oh WOW you rocked this! The design flows so well! And I want one of her blue gin blossoms, need to get on the stick and order one.

  9. Wow Dagi! I am a huge fan of chain malle and am in awe that you not only created all of your jump rings by hand, but you then fashioned them so beautifully to complement Jeannie’s Gin Blossom. Those chain malle flowers are amazing!

  10. Wow - what an unbelievable design! The work you put into the jump rings is flabbergasting to me, but even more amazing is how you combined them into such a beautiful compliment to Jeannie's Gin Blossom. Gorgeous!

    :) Molly

  11. Wow! A lot of work - and turned out great!
    You are correct! - the chainmail design does go perfectly with the Gin Blossom!

  12. I am totally fascinated by your chain maille work. And the way you managed to mirror the design of the gin blossom in the metal flowers. Very nice!