Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012


Na, ist das nicht ein Traum von einem Armband?

Now isn't that a dream of a bracelet?

Der Weave heißt Camelot und ich dachte, da passen ein paar grüne Perlen und eine Kupferperle mit einem keltischen Muster sehr gut dazu. Ein Geschenk, das Artus seiner Guinevere schenken würde!

The weave is called Camelot and I thought some green beads and a copper bead with a Celtic knot pattern would make the perfect match. A gift Artus would give to Guinevere!


  1. This is gorgeous, it really does have a camelot feel. Your choice of beads really brings it together.

  2. This is amazing. You have really captured an old time feeling with a modern day appeal.

  3. It's beautiful!! Is that what you are teaching in class?

  4. Thank you, ladies!
    Donna, I mostly teach Double Chain and Byzantine in my classes. Some students also tried Japanese 12-in-2 and other more complicated weaves, but I never taught Camelot so far.

  5. So pretty! I made a lot of chain maille when sterling was cheaper, but my customers won't take to copper so I had to stop. :-(

  6. Lori, I can remember only one copper piece I sold. My copper pieces are mostly for me and sometimes test pieces not to waste any expensive wire if the weave fails. I love wearing copper, especially when it's tarnished and looks "old".