Montag, 2. Mai 2011

Drawing Lab 2011: Woche 17/Week 17

Diese Woche sollten wir eine Seite eines Kunsttagebuches entwerfen. Ich habe sowas noch nie gemacht und war neugierig, whon mich diese Aufgabe bringen würde. Beim Anblick des farbigen Papiers in meinem Fundus kam mir diese Idee über die Zerbrechlichkeit von Freiheit. Ohne Freiheit sind wir wie Vögel ohne Flügel. Was bedeutet Freiheit für euch?

This week was about creating art journal pages. I never created one before, so I was curious where this assignment would take me. I fell in love with some colored paper in my stash and had this idea of creating a page about the fragility of freedom. Without freedom we are like birds without wings. What does freedom mean for you?

(Photo and design by Kokopelli Design, 2011)


  1. what a beautiful and evocative piece!!! I love the bright rainbow colors ... they speak about the potential of the freedom they were denied, but I don't feel sad looking at it. I feel hopeful. Very cool!!!

  2. Thanks Moira! I think one can see this piece in both directions: freedom can be taken from someone, but can also be given to someone. Yes, it makes me happy looking at it, too.