Donnerstag, 12. August 2021

Thursday Art Date with Rain: Weather and Weather Lore

 Weather and Weather Lore is this week's theme for Thursday Art Date with Rain.

Weather.....while in some places there are terrible wildfires due to heatwaves and months without rain, there are floodings in other areas of this world. The summer in Germany was very wet so far, so we are on the "flooding" side. If you don't want to see all the destruction, don't click on the links. I hope you are safe, where you are!

For myself, I like thunderstorms, storms in general and even high waves. I never was afraid of thunder and lightning, not even as a kid. Always loved to watch a nice thunderstorm, but Mother Nature can be destructive. 

For this week's theme I had to use the pencils my employer gave me and my colleagues some weeks ago (Remember the story? We each got a pack of colored pencils, but still don't know what they are for.)

I accidentally left all my art supplies at home, so I used what I have in hand in office during lunch break. I always wanted to draw/paint a lighthouse hit by waves in a huge storm. For this quick sketch I chose Whaleback Lighthouse (or Whaleback Light Station) in Maine. Will surely do a watercolor postcard from this one, as I really like it. 

Have an artsy day and stay safe!

5 Kommentare:

  1. Beautiful choice to do a lighthouse, lovely. Lighthouses scream 'weather lore'.

  2. Lovely colour pencil art. A good Thursday to you


  3. wow this is a fantastic drawing. You did this very well and I love the colors. Have a great day.

  4. Oh I LOVE your lighthouse sketch!!! It's beautiful!!! I'm like you, I love thunderstorms, though I have to admit I'm terrified of being struck by lightning...I don't know why but I do prefer watching a storm from the safety of my home!!! :)

  5. I am with you, Kokopelli, I love a good storm and often sit on the back porch and watch the rain and the lightening dance and smell the freshness of the air as the rain cleans it. Sometimes if the lightening is close enough I can smell the Ozone ... even that smells good to me. I love your picture and I think your work colored pencils did a fine job for you :)
    Stay well, stay safe and enjoy whatever weather you have and hoping it is not destructive.

    Andrea @ From the Sol