Dienstag, 10. August 2021

T stands for....pencil massacre!

Yesterday I pulled out my "good" pencils, as I was planning to do a nice drawing or two to practice my pencil drawing skills, specially in doing something more than just a quick sketch as a basis for a watercolor painting. Yeah, wanted to draw an A6 postcard with a cormorant.........the pencils were not new, but I only used them once so far to test them....... 

I have no idea, what happened to them, but can only guess, that they were thrown around or dropped hard, when they were transported/delivered to me. That's what is left of them after one A6 drawing.

The softer grades are unusable, as I had to sharpen them after every line I drew., because the leads were all in tiny pieces. The harder ones seem to be ok, but I'm so over them and too afraid to sharpen them. It was no fun to work with them and I lost all joy to finish the cormorant.

But here he is. He didn't turn out as nice as I wanted, but ok......

I'll have a cup of tea now from my favorite mug, son no one will get hurt. *LOL* Join us with your favorite drink!

On a happier note I just saw that at least one of my ATC letters arrived with Nancy in the US. YAY! So here's what I sent. One of my handprinted linocut cards and two summer drink ATCs.

15 Kommentare:

  1. Very nice work. I have had pencils like that so annoying.

  2. Sorry about your pencils. That's so annoying when that happens. Your drawing is still lovely, and I love your mug! Have a happy T Day, Valerie

  3. The cormorant looks okay to me! Yes, I think your poor pencils must have had a hard life before they got to you! And now, the mug! love it! The hand painted linocut atc is lovely, would look great as a bigger picture. I used to do that...but stuff was piut in the attic never to be seen again! Have a happy T for Tuesday ((Lyn))

  4. I've had that happen to pencils before, so I feel your pain. I actually like the photo in the trash can. It has inspired me to use some pencil shavings on an art page. Experiment with them at least. Your drawing came out amazing. And I love the cards too. Now your mug, that is fantastic. I happen to be a big octopus fan as they are so smart. Hope you are having a wonderful T day. Hugs-Erika

  5. Your drawing is fabulous even if it was a bit tiresome to keep sharpening those pencils. I still love your ATCs and card - thanks again! Love your mug too - so fun and such a cool image. Happy T-day!!!! Hugz

  6. I love your drawing, the detail is amazing 😀. That's such a shame about the pencils though. Lovely summer drink ATCs and the card is gorgeous. Your blue octopus mug is beautiful, such a lovely gift! Happy T Day wishes! Hugs Jo x

  7. what a shame about the pencils:( I always thought the problem for me would have been the sharpeners themselves....hmmm...
    your cormorant looks wonderful to me! And such a fun mug to drink from. Happy T day!

  8. I love your drawing, you know I never even thought about breaking lead is because they were dropped, ha,ha so annoying when they keep breaking. Our GS would love your mug.
    Happy T Day

  9. Like I wrote on FB it doesn't matter what name brand we buy, they all come from the same place and sometimes not so good. However, your art is amazing. I love this Vulture or creature bird and your mug. Have a great day today.

  10. Those are such nice pencils, what a shame they were so broken :( Love that mug! Happy T Tuesday

  11. Those are supposed to be the king of pencils, but it sounds like they are duds, instead. Too bad because I have heard they are expensive.

    Your cormorant is out of this world. You did an excellent job. I didn't realize how well you draw.

    What a sweet mug you have. I love the sea inspired tag that came with it, too. Thank you for sharing your incredible cormorant and your mug with us, as well as your ATCs and gorgeous linocut card with us for T this Tuesday, dear.

  12. Nice mug for T Day. What a waste for the pencils. Thanks for stopping over to see me. Happy T Day.

  13. What a shame about the pencils. They are really good pencils. I visited the factory once in the Lake District (England). As you say, they have been thrown around during transport no doubt. Very annoying nevertheless.
    Your cormorant turned out really nice (even though you don't think so yourself. But when you are annoyed, it is never going to be OK)
    Your mug with octopus is beautiful. It would make my day to start with a drink from that mug.
    Your ATCs and linocut are beautiful.
    Happy belated T-Day,

  14. love your drawing, how annoying when the leads break like that, especially when you can't tell from the outside. Happy T day Elle xx

  15. Grrr about the pencils, but inspite of that your drawing turned out quite well. Cool mug. It's so hot out today that either of those cocktails would hit the spot. Happy T Day