Freitag, 23. Juli 2021

Paint Party Friday: Blue Birds and Big Horses

 Hello and welcome for Paint Party Friday!

The last weeks I mostly painted ATCs, that I can't share yet, as they were made for a swap and the recipients are still waiting for their letters. I had so much fun painting in this tiny format.

But of course I have some birds and horses to share. Revisited some of my garden birds sketches and made some cards for my stash from them. Here's a nuthatch painted this week.

I love to "repaint" some of my sketches and check if I can see any progress on my painting technique. This nuthatch is from December 2020. I can definitely see some progress here.

 And here's a little blue tit I painted this week and I wasn't very happy with it, as it looks like I only added color without any sense.

This one is from February 2021. Not sure, if I like it better, but the raw paper surface certainly adds interest to this older version.

And here are some draft horse sketches. I'd like to make a small series of ATCs with domestic animals on them, so I need a horse. Already got a sheep and a pig. A cow is missing, too. We will see where this leads me. I definitely love big horses.

I think, this one would look nice on the ATC, but needs to be downsized

Have a great weekend and make sure to visit all the artists for PPF!

12 Kommentare:

  1. Beautiful water-colour sketches. As a child in London we lived near a brewery and the beer was always transported with carts pulled by huge dray horses, I loved watching them!

  2. Oh wow! The birds are beautiful. I am so impressed. I really like the horses too. Have a great weekend.

  3. your watercolor birds are beautiful- each one, and those are fine sketches of the draft horse! Happy PPF!

  4. Both lovely drawing and sketching

    Happy PPF


  5. Oh your watercolour birds are so delightful, I have to admit I am a lover of textured paper when using watercolour your so right it really adds extra interest.
    Best wishes this PPF, not playing along today but just wanted to say Thank you for your very kind comment.
    Creative wishes Tracey x

  6. Fabulous bird paintings, I can't draw horse, well done with those as well.

  7. So pretty! Gorgeous details on your birds! Happy PPF!

  8. Pretty birds and wonderful horses!! I look forward to seeing your ATC-s.


  9. Your birds are so sweet, so well done! But those horses!!! LOVE them! :)