Freitag, 29. März 2019

Paint Party Friday: Handlettering and Calligraphy

Note to self: handlettering needs practice! *LOL*

Hello and welcome to Paint Party Friday. I got myself a nice set of ink pens and brushes lately and tried my hand on handlettering with them. I laughed so hard about the "wonkyness" of my first attempt (and yes, I added lines to help me keep the letters straight). But I guess there's still time to practice until Christmas. *LOL*

I saw this idea somewhere online and loved it, so I chose an alphabet and added some color (it says "adventure").

Spring is coming with all its might around here and there are flowers are coming out everywhere and insects buzzing around. 

I also made a greeting card with one of my favorite succulents, the sempervivum.

I have a little collection of them in my garden. Easy to care for and the flowers are so beautiful. The bumblebees love them.

And I love bumblebees!

Sharing with PPF! Will practice some more for sure. :) Also make sure to have a look at all the other pieces of art shared by the participants.

10 Kommentare:

  1. Beautiful lettering! Happy PPF, Valerie

  2. Your handletterings are well done and the card beautiful.
    Happy PPF xx

  3. Ohhh I love what you are doing with these pens. Really wonderful script.

  4. Very lovely pieces. Luv succulents too.
    Happy PPF


  5. Beautiful hand lettering is extremely difficult. I LOVE what you've done with these words. Just beautiful in their elegant simplicity.

  6. Beautiful handlettering!! Mine is always wonky, so I always add lines :) Love the Abenteuer one and the succulent card looks amazing. You also have a lovely collection.


  7. Lovely designs and the succulent makes such a cute card!