Dienstag, 13. Juni 2017

Rainbows after the Rain CAL: Part 3

Are you already excited? Yes? So here's part 3 of the Rainbows after the Rain CAL with the "Over the Rainbow Square"! I'm so proud, that I'm co-Hosting this CAL with my dear friend Zelna from Zooty Owl.

Since I didn't use this particular square in my Rainbows over the Namib Desert Baby Blanket, I decided to make one (or maybe two) in the neonmelon colors and use it in the floor cushions for my nieces.

Here's my version of the Over the Rainbow Square, which I will use for a floor cushion cover. So if you want to make your own Over the Rainbow Square, hop over to Zooty Owl's post for the pattern and of course a photo tutorial with step-by-step photos.

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Part 1 Traditional Granny Square
Part 2 Dreamcatcher Square and Wheel of Time Square

Here's the first set of squares (Traditional Granny Square/part 1) made in the neonmelon colors.

Have fun and make sure to share your squares in the Zooty Owl Crochet-a-Long Facebook Group, so we can include them in the halftime post (click the link to see the halftime post for part 2).

Part 2 featured my Dreamcatcher Square, my very first original design. The pattern can be found here.

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