Mittwoch, 21. Juni 2017

Rainbows after the Rain CAL: Halftime Post for Part 3

 Welcome to my almost traditional halftime post! This one is for part 3 of the Rainbows after the Rain CAL and again it was an absolute pleasure to gather all those photos of the fantastic "Over the Rainbow Squares" our fellow CALers made. I'm beyond words, so have a look at the photos below! If you haven't joined us yet, hop over to the Zooty Owl Crochet-A-Long Facebook Group for more CAL fun!

Anita Henry (Dark grey makes the colors pop!)

Elaine Tuttle Schrock (Just WOW!)

Kokopelli Design/Andrea Müller (My own Over the Rainbow Square, whcih will become a cushion cover.)

Babsie Loubser (Love the red border, which frames the squares nicely.)

 Darlene Strasburg (Lovely seaside colors!)

Jamie Thorpe Woolums (Ah, more bright Colors! Can't wait to see this blanket finished.)

Lisa Stewart (Love the shads of green with the little bit of violet and yellow.)

Michelle McIaughlin (Michelle is working on a prodcution line with four squares at the same time.)

Nicola McAree (Lavender Fields! Yes, I can see and smell them.)

Pat Wilkinson (This really Looks like tie-dye.)

Shannon Visser (Love those "vintage" colorway. Like beautiful roses!)

Susan Hall (Pinks, purples and blues! What can be wrong with that? Nothing!!!!)

Susan Kuhl (How different these both squares look due to the color placement. Well done!)

Suzanne Struble (Suzanne says, she an old hippie in her heart. And this poncho is so perfect for you then! Looking forward to seeing this one finished! Tie-dye!)

Zooty Owl/Zelna Olivier (I'm a big fan of Zelna's color placement and with every new CAL I'm looking forward to the colorways she will come up with.)

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