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Wade's Blanket CAL: Part 8

Hello and welcome to Part 8 of the Wade's Blanket CAL, hosted by Zooty Owl and Kokopelli Design! This is our last part, the border and edging, which means our journey with Wade's Blanket has come to an end.

Please share your progress and your finished blankets on our Facebook Pages Zooty Owl and Kokopelli Design so that we can include them in our next posts! 
Here are the links to the patterns so far:


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My own blanket grew so big that it's difficult to take a good pic of it. My apartment is definitely too small. ;) So here is a progress pic.

To make it fit a single bed I added ripples to top and bottom and still have 3 rows to go before I can start with the edging and border. Like I said this picture doesn't do the blanket justice, as it looks much better in real life with all the patterns and the vibrant colors.

Sooooooooo, let's see what Zelna worked out for us conecerning edging and borders!

We decided to surprise you with a choice of two borders and two edgings which you can mix and match as you please! 



HOOK SIZE:   5.00mm

Kokopelli Design's Colorway (Stylecraft Special DK): Peacock

BORDER 1 or 2: 

Row 1:    Crochet a round of sc around the entire blanket.   Note:   into each of the 4 corner 2ch work 2sc, 2ch, 2sc.   Where a corner of a square is joined to a stripe work 1sc into the corner 2ch, 1sc into the join.    Across your vertical stripes (the dc stripe) and the diamond granny stripe work 1sc into the first dc post, 2sc into the next dc post (alternating 1sc, 2sc into each post).   Work 1sc into each ch at the bottom of your v-stitch panel, and 1sc into the top  of each dc at the top of this panel.
Row 2:   Crochet 1dc into each sc around the entire blanket, working 2dc, 2ch, 2dc into each corner 2ch.


Rows 3 - 4:  Crochet 1dc into each dc around the entire blanket, working 2dc, 2ch, 2dc into each corner 2ch.

Row 3:  Crochet 1 sc into each dc arount the entire blanket, working 2sc, 2ch, 2sc into each corner 2ch

Row 4:  Crochet 1dc into each sc around the entire blanket, working 2dc, 2ch, 2dc into each corner 2ch.
Rows 5 and 7:  Repeat Row 3

Rows 6 and 8:  Repeat Row 4


Crochet a row of reverse sc (crab stitch) into each stitch around entire blanket, working 2 reverse sc into each corner 2ch. 


Crochet a row of Pineapple Edging Stitch around the entire blanket.
Congratulations! You're a finisher in the Wade's Blanket CAL! :)))
Make sure to share your progress pics of your finished Wade's Blankets. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact Zelna or me via our blogs or post your question in the comments. You can also find us on Facebook: Zooty Owl and Kokopelli Design.


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  1. Mixed emotions today! Both happy and sad that we are at the end of our CAL journey!!