Freitag, 6. Februar 2015

Paint Party Friday: Zendala

I found a great source for starting Zentangles online and thought I'd share this with PPF, so those of you interested can have a look, too. You can download the PDF on the Artist's Network homepage. I took one of the Zendala tiles and drew one.
The grey lines where in the tile before and the black lines are my own ink pen lines. So now grab your own Zendala tile and draw! :)
Sharing this with the crew over at Paint Party Friday!


  1. I'll check it out, I love your Zendala!!!

  2. this is fantastic-I love how you kept the prepared lines grey and added your own in black!

  3. Thanks! The pdf is great. I'm currently beading mandalas so the zendala starter tiles will come in handy. Your tile came out wonderfully :-)

  4. So intriguing! Thanks for sharing the information.