Sonntag, 21. April 2013

5th Do Over Challenge Blog Hop - YAY!

Ich bin ja sooo aufgeregt, mein Do-Over-Teilchen zu posten. Und warum bin ich so aufgeregt? Das Set, das Jeannie mir geschickt hat, ist im Zoll steckengeblieben. Nicht dass meine Beziehung zur Do Over Challenge je einfach gewesen wäre. Aber das hat mich nie von der Teilnahme abgehalten. :)
I'm so excited to share my Do Over piece with you. Let me tell you a bit more about why I'm that excited. The necklace Jeannie sent got stuck in customs. Not that my relationship with the Do Over Challenge was ever easy. But that never kept me from participating. :)
Los geht's! Ich habe (nachdem der Zoll seine Chance hatte) ein Set mit Fluoritperlen in wunderschönen Pastelltönen bekommen. In dem Set waren neben den Fluoritperlen auch nocht diverse Silberperlen, Perlkappen, ein Verschluss und Ohrhaken. Das war vor der Überarbeitung.
So here we go! I received (after customs got a looooong look at this set) a necklace and earring set with fluorite beads in beautiful and soft colors of green, white and purple. There were also some silver spacers, bead caps, filigree beads and findings included. So that was before.
Meine ursprüngliche Idee habe ich in letzter Minute verworfen. Die kleinen Zwischenperlen waren nicht wie erwartet aus Plastik, sondern aus Metall und deshalb konnte ich sie dann doch als Verbindungsringe in meinem Drahtdesign verwenden, ohne dass sie brechen. Die Farben dieses Sets passen so gut zu meinen neuen lilafarbenen T-Shirts und Blusen, die ich mir für den Sommer gekauft habe.
I had an idea but changed that in the last minute. The little silver spacers turned out to be little rings and first I thought they were plastic, of which I wasn't sure if they can stand the design I had in mind without breaking. But they turned out to be metal and so everything was fine and I used them as links in my wirework design. Those colors will go sooooo well with some new purple shirts and blouses I bought for summer.

Und was natürlich nicht fehlen darf, ist die Liste mit dem anderen Do-Over-Challenge-Blog-Hop-Teilnehmern:

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  1. Just lovely. Your simple changes have made it look elegant. Well done!

  2. Oh Dagi we have had our share of custom mishaps together for sure, but we will never give up.
    Ok, WoW love that you did wrapped loops, it really updates the design. I like how you simplified the earrings, they look so much better. It makes my happy this is a wearable design and hopefully for years to come.

    Thank you so much for participating and I hope you will join us for the next one.

  3. A subtle but lovely difference! You have opened it up to light and air!

  4. So far we all seem to be lengthening what we got! I love what you received but it really did need to be lengthened! Lovely job... mine didn't get stuck in customs... I had far too long to stare at it before it needed to be done!

  5. While the necklaces appear quite similar in color, their general tone and feel is very different. I love how you were able to use the same materials to create a light and airy necklace that is perfect for summer.

  6. The amethyst is my birthstone, and I would wear this necklace for sure! Beautiful.

  7. You gave this necklace a really up to date look, love the wire wraps you did between the beads.

  8. So lovely - I am a big fan of fluorite, and the colors are just beautiful. The wrapped loop links absolute make the design pop - great job!

  9. I love the wire wraps too! You've created something simple, elegant, and classic...this set will always be stylish and beautiful!

  10. What an interesting blog hop - off to check out the other entries.

  11. Great do over. I will visit the other sites too.