Samstag, 5. Februar 2011

Drawing Lab 2011: Woche 5/Week 5

Diese Woche ging es um das Zeichnen des negativen Raums. Das Objekt in einer Zeichnung ist der positive und alles andere drumherum ist der negative Raum. Mir gefällt mein Spinnrad richtig gut. :-)

This week was about drawing negative spaces. The object your draw is the positive space and all spaces around it are negative spaces. I really like how the drawing of my spinning wheel turned out. :-)

Für noch mehr Kunst:/For more great pieces of art:


  1. hello I thought I would come over from Cenyas and say hello. I recently attended an Imbolc celbration, where the fire dish had Kokopelli shaped brackets. I recognised the design but did not know what they were called until one of the visitors to my Blog told me they were called Kokopelli. When I saw your name I had to come and "meet you"!
    Blessings from England.

  2. Pretty drawing Dagi... that's something I can't definitely do. LOL