Freitag, 19. November 2010


Sehen die nicht lecker aus? Ich bin mitten in der Weihnachtsbäckerei und das sind die ersten Lebkuchen, die nun samt einem Apfelschnitz in die Keksdose gewandert sind, um weich zu werden. Und nun die Frage, was ihr denn so zu Weihnachten backt. Ganz klassisch: Lebkuchen, Ausstecherle, Makronen? Oder probiert ihr jedes Jahr neue Kekssorten aus?

Don't they look delish? I'm in the middle of Christmas bakery and this is the first gingerbread, which is now in a box with an apple slice to become soft. And now the question: what do you bake for Christmas? More classic cookies like gingerbread and little Santa Clauses and angels? Or do you try new recipes every year?


  1. Die sehen ja sooooooo lecker aus, Dagi. Auch wenn ich selbst nicht backe, freue ich mich über Dein Gebäck und kann es förmlich riechen :-)
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Oh how I remember all the great cookies my German landlady always made every Christmas. I remember her calling the boys to come and they would go see what she wanted and she would send home much homemade cookies and candies for the boys. Our neighbors their in Germany were always sending the boys home with some goody or other. I guess they thought that as a spoiled American wife I didn't know how to made all those good Christmas treats. After a few years we both looked forward to trying to out bake the other for the holidays. And she loved my Anise Sugar Cookies as much as I loved all the wonderful cookies she would send to my house. Very fond memories of my 3 1/2 years in the Eifel Mountains area of Germany. I may get to go back for a visit now that my niece lives in the Stuttgart area at Ramstein AFB. That would be nice and maybe there still be some fresh baked ginger cookies. :)

  3. Gabie, Du bist immer herzlich eingeladen vorbeizuschauen! Hier gibt es beinahe immer was Gebackenes, auch außerhalb der Weihnachtszeit.

    Sue, if you visit your niece, make sure to tell me, as I live just around the corner!