Mittwoch, 7. Juni 2017

Rainbows after the Rain CAL: Halftime Post for Part 2

I must admit that I closely follow the Zooty Owl Crochet-a-Long Group these days for part 2 of the Rainbows after the Rain CAL to see if people use my Dreamcatcher Square pattern and make their own squares with it. And I also have to admit, that you ladies absolutely amaze me with your Color combinations and works of crochet art!

Look at all these beauties made for week 2!

Elaine Tuttle Schrock (Such a lovely rainbow!)

Tricia Hoffman (Another lovely rainbow! And look at those granny squares from part 1!)

Kokopelli Design (What can I say? Nieces! ;) )

Kim Ryan (You know, I love this blanket, Mrs. Ryan, and your friends do, too)

Annelien Voss (My nieces would have a BIG Argument who would get this blanket!)

Babsie Loubser (Splashes of color! Love the hippie-ness of these squares!)

Darlene Strasburg (stash busting! LOVE!)

Elaine Tuttle Schrock (Just WOWOWOW!)

Hilarie LittleOne (Oh Boy, love these soft colors!)

Kim Ryan (I want his poncho when finished!)

Michele Vincent (Miami Doplhins colors!)

Michelle Mclaughlin (a first time CALer!)

Pat Wilkinson (what a striking color combo!)

Nicola McAree (Lavender Fields! Perfect name!)

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