Dienstag, 5. September 2017

Rainbows after the Rain: Part 9

Hello and welcome to part 9 of the Rainbows after the Rain CAL, brought to you by  Zooty Owl and Kokopelli Design! I can't believe this is already the final part and that another CAL journey is over. For part 9 of the Rainbows over the Namib Desert Blanket you will add the border to your blanket.

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Since I made my original Rainbows over the Namib Desert Baby Blanket for a boy, I chose to go with a very simple border, consisting of only two rounds. You can add more sc rounds, if you like to add different colors to your border or you can also add a round of dc to make the blanket bigger. You can also add a completely different border. It all depends on your personal taste. The border I chose is one of my favorites and I used it in many blankets, for example the 2014 Scheepjes CAL designed by Marinke Slump aka Wink.

Round 1: Crochet a row of sc all around the blanket. Don't forget to make one stitch in each corner and one stitch in the joins of the stripes and squares along the sides. Into the four corners of the blanket you should make 3 sc. Sl st into the first sc to close the round

Round 2: *Ch3, 3dc in the same stitch as join, skip 2 stitches, sc in the next stitch.** Repeat from * to ** all around the blanket. This border goes smoothly around the edges with no further adjustments.

If you have any questions concerning the patterns or the CAL, join us in the Zooty Owl Crochet-a-long Facebook Group. We try to help! We would also love to see your photos of blankets and ponchos. :)

So I hope you enjoyed the Rainbows after the Rain CAL as much as we did and will be in for the next CAL.

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