Dienstag, 16. Mai 2017

Rainbows after the Rain CAL: Part 1 Traditional Granny Square (with or without a twist)

Hello and good morning for the beginning of the Rainbows after the Rain Blanket and Poncho CAL! The BIG day is finally here and Zelna and I are looking forward to seeing a lot of beautiful crochet art again after the fabulous Wade's Blanket CAL in 2015.

Remember that Zelna's blanket and poncho differ a bit from my baby blanket layout called "Rainbows over the Namib Desert", which you can see in the photo and in the layout chart below. But you can always make a certain amount of squares and mix and match them in the end with or without the stripe patterns we will post during the CAL. The patterns will be published every second week on Friday. Joining the single pieces of the blankets and poncho will be the last part of it.

OK, so let's go with the first pattern which is:

Traditional Granny Square (with a Twist)

The Granny Square was a part of Wade's Blanket back in 2015 and is very simple square design, suitable for all crochet skill levels. In the photo above you can see the set of Granny Squares I made for my Wade's Blanket. For my Rainbows over the Namib Desert I only made five squares (see photo above). A photo tutorial for making the Wade's Squares (with the ,,twist") can be found here. Zelna created a slightly easier version for the RAR CAL, in which you don't have to turn your work after each round (the ,,twist"). This might be easier for beginners to follow. The choice is up to you! :)

If you join the CAL and would love to share any squares you made, make sure to join us in the Zooty Owl Crocht-a-long Group on Facebook!

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