Dienstag, 2. Mai 2017

Rainbows after the Rain CAL: Color Inspiration

With every new CAL people often ask about how to choose colors and that it is hard for them to choose colors, which look good together and compliment the pattern.

Color inspiration can come in a lot of ways, for example from a photo, an animal, from taking a walk, wearing your favorite shirt or the skein of variegated yarn you never knew what to do with.

My colorway for the Rainbows after the Rain Blanket and Poncho CAL starting on Friday came to me during the Seaside Winter Blanket CAL and I saved a photo without knowing when or whether I will use it. I never connected it to something special like a the seaside or the beach. But then the RAR CAL came. The photo above showing the wild horses living in the Namib Desert then nailed it for me and suddenly I had a name for the colorway. Rainbows over the Namib Desert.

The Namib Desert is one of the dryest places on earth and there are decades with no rain in some places. But..........there is life! Isn't this amazing?

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