Freitag, 6. November 2015

Star CAL: Week 1

YAY! Finally it's time to CAL!

Week 1 of the Star CAL is here and I'm excited to see so many people sharing the CAL, liking my little Facebook page and commenting. Hope you all will have great fun with this CAL.

The pattern is called "Hexagons ae my Stars" by Daniela Herbertz. Daniela sadly doesn't have the time to participate in the CAl, but will follow and share on her blog.

The pattern does not contain any hexagon patterns, so make sure to have your favorite hexagon pattern on hand or pick one from the list I published here. To have a little head start as your host and to be able to help with any problems I already made three pairs of hexagons.

Springtime Hexagons (in the "winter" version ;))

And now.......*drumroll*..... Polly Plum of Every Trick on the Hook and I have a very special treat for you! A snowflake hexagon especially made for you and shared as a free pattern for you to use. The hexagon is called "Blizzard Warning". How cool is that!!!! And the best is: there is also a pattern to make this hexagon into an 9" afghan square, so you cannot only make ornaments from this, but also a whole blanket. Isn't that even cooler?

crochet hexagon snowflake

Isn't this hexagon lovely? Thank you so much, Polly, for sharing! :) And now, ladies and gentlemen, get your hooks and yarn ready aaaaaaaaannnnnnddddd CAL!

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