Donnerstag, 27. Februar 2014


Ich arbeite an etwas neuem: einem Läufer für mein dunkles Holzschränkchen in der Diele. Ich finde das Muster mit den ineinander greifenden Kreisen sehr interessant und es entsteht einfach dadurch, dass man zwei verschiedene Reihen immer abwechselnd häkelt. Das kostenlose PDF-Muster gibt es hier.
Working on something new: a table runner for my dark wooden chest in the hall. The runner has an interesting pattern of intersecting circles, which simply evolves by crocheting only two different rows. The free PDF pattern can be downloaded here. It's in German, but there is a graph, so it shouldn't be a problem for my English speaking Readers.

1 Kommentar:

  1. I tried copying the German text and using Bing Translator to translate to English. Forget it. I could not understand the pattern. Perhaps when you crochet the 2-row pattern you would provide it in English? Asking a lot I know, but I thought I would try. It is gorgeous and I cannot wait to see yours.