Dienstag, 14. September 2010

DER Blick..../THE Look....

Das ist Franziska, meine Halbperser-Mieze. Als ich dieses Foto gemacht habe, hatte sie den "STÖR MICH NICHT BEIM SCHLAFEN"-Blick drauf. Seht ihr das rote T-Shirt rechts? Das hat sie sich aus dem Wäschekorb gezupft, weil Madame ja was Weiches unter ihrem Kopf braucht.

That's Franziska, my half Persian cat. When I took this photo she had that look on her face saying: "DO NOT DISTURB ME WHEN I'M SLEEPING!" See the red shirt on the right? She pulled it out of the laundry basket because she decided that she's more comfortable with having somthing soft under her head.


  1. Oh yes, she is peaceful, as long as everything goes after her will and we do not try to deny her something. *lol* But we love her, because she's a character.

  2. Na der Blick sagt ja alles....endlich genug weich, um zu kuscheln....

  3. I adore cats so I think your cat is so cute. Aren't they all bossy? My two new half grown kittens are noisy part Siamese. Pearl

  4. How cute =)
    She sounds like my Kaisa, as long as she gets things her way she is an angel =)
    And ofc being an adorably cute cat, she allways gets her way...